Tensoplast Bandage – 10cm x 4.5m


The BSN Tensoplast Elastic Adhesive Bandage is a high quality, extensible, stretched bandage that is coated with a zinc oxide cauotchouc…



BSN Tensoplast Elastic Adhesive Bandage is an adhesive fabric strapping that combines a specially formulated porous adhesive and a superior woven cloth, while providing  an unrivalled level of quality performance and trusted patient comfort.

It has high quality extensible fabric made of high-twist cotton yarns, while the superior stretch and regain properties provide good conformability.

The porous, zinc-oxide adhesive allows the skin to breath, and reduces maceration. The adhesive fabric strapping remains securely in place with continuous reliable adhesion.

The soft, non-fraying edges that BSN Tensoplast Elastic Adhesive Bandage has helps to prevent the bandage from constricting or leaving marks on the skin.

The rounded edged core has a comfortable application and is user friendly.

The distinctive central line encourages accurate overlap during application. The BSN Tensoplast Elastic Adhesive Bandage may be easily applied directly to the skin, or to secure dressings.

Size: 10cm x 4.5m.


A BSN Elastic Adhesive Bandage supports and relieves bandages for the capsular ligaments, muscles and joints.

These functional bandages are recommended for use on injuries to muscles, ligaments and joints, and all conditions with limitation of movement (sprains and strains, sports injuries).

The BSN Elastic Adhesive Bandages can be used as redressing bandages, compression bandages and immobilizing bandages (after clavicular fractures close to joints and after plaster cast removal).

The BSN Elastic Adhesive Bandage can be used in the treatment of Correction of false position and posture, and also as a compression for varicose veins and ulcers (phlebitic and thrombotic).


Remove the BSN Elastic Adhesive Bandage from the packaging.

Find where the BSN Elastic Adhesive Bandage begins, and wrap the bandage around the affected area, or dressing.

Cut the tape with a scissors when the area has been covered.

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