PharmaCare is delighted to be the authorized distributor of Mueller Products in Ireland.

Founded in 1961, Mueller has established itself as an industry leader in sports medicine. From the weekend warrior to the college and professional athlete, Mueller Sports Medicine keeps everybody in the game. Mueller products are designed to help athletes prevent injuries, recover from them, defend against new ones and enhance performance.

Mueller has worked with countless athletes to know the demands placed on their bodies. They have pioneered sports medicine, and represent its cutting edge today, with dozens of inventions and industry firsts.

Mueller revolutionized the sports medicine category by being the first company to provide state-of-the-art sports medicine at the retail level. Today, Mueller Sports Medicine is a company dedicated to active people and their bodies.

PharmaCare provides numerous Mueller products, including ice packs, tapes, sprays, and sports supports for many body parts – knee, ankle, back, thigh, wrist, arm, thumb and elbow.

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