Eye Occlusor – Infant


The BSN Coverlet Junior Eye Patches guarantee maximum comfort and occlusion. These Coverlet eye patches are indicated for the…



The Leukoplast Eye Occlusor consists of a chemically bonded flesh-coloured, crosswise stretchable non-woven substrate based on polyester which is porous coated on one side with an acrylic adhesive. It is a non-woven pad with a light protection layer is applied centrally on the coated side of the dressing.

The adhesive mass of the Leukoplast Eye Occlusor is fully covered with two white, one side siliconized release papers. The lower release paper has got a fold which is overlapped by the upper release paper. These eye occlusors are pre-cut to oval shapes and sealed into printed paper.

The Leukoplast Eye Occlusor infant size is suitable for infants up to 3 years and the strip size is 47mm x 67mm. There are 30 eye occlusors in a box.


The Leukoplast Eye Occlusor is intended for the prophylactic or therapeutic use of strabismus or amblyopia in children. This size is suitable for infants up to the age of 3.


The Leukoplast Eye Occlusor should be large enough to cover the infant’s eye completely. How long the eye patch is worn each day will depend on how old the patient is, and how poor the vision is in the weaker eye.

Clean and dry the eye and the surrounding skin. Unwrap the eye patch and hold it by the protective backing, with the patch side facing down. Peel back the protective backing, but do not remove it. Place the patch on the eye, pull away the protective backing, and press the edges down.

If the patient wears glasses, they should be worn over the adhesive patch. Do not stick the patch on the glasses lens as it will not be effective. Lubrication of the skin after patch removal can be helpful to avoid skin irritation.

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