Rossmax Z1 Blood Pressure Monitor


The Rossmax Z1 Blood Pressure Monitor is an automatic blood pressure monitor that has cuff detection, movement detection, hypertension risk indication and irregular heartbeat detection (IHB). The monitor has a one-touch automatic operation and a large LCD…




The Rossmax Z1 Blood Pressure Monitor is an automatic blood pressure monitor that has cuff detection, movement detection, hypertension risk indication and irregular heartbeat detection (IHB). The monitor has a one-touch automatic operation and a large LCD screen (69 x 64.4mm), along with a latex-free patented universal cone cuff. The monitor takes and average of the last 3 readings, has 90 memories and has lifetime calibration, along with a USB type C port as a USB power connector.
The monitor also has Real Fuzzy Technology, which determines ideal cuff pressure based on one’s systolic blood pressure and arm size. Users no longer need to pre-set the inflation level before measurement, as the technology eliminates arm discomfort through unnecessary high inflation settings and also prevents inaccurate readings caused by erroneous cuff inflation levels.

If the cuff was wrapped too loosely, it may cause unreliable measurement results. The “Cuff Wrap Detection” can help to determine if the cuff is wrapped snugly enough. The specified icon appears once a “loosen cuff” has been detected during measurement. Otherwise, the specified icon appears if the cuff is wrapped correctly during measurement.

The “Movement Detection” helps remind the user to remain still and indicates any body movement during the measurement. The specified icon appears once a “body movement” has been detected during and after each measurement.

The World Health Organisation classifies blood pressure ranges into 6 different grades. This unit is equipped with innovative blood pressure risk indication, which visually indicates the assumed risk level (optimal / normal / high-normal / grade 1 hypertension / grade 2 hypertension / grade 3 hypertension) after each measurement.

This unit is equipped with an Irregular Heartbeat (IHB) Detection which allows those who have an irregular heartbeat to obtain accurate measurements and alerting the user of the unit that there is an irregular heart beat present during the measurement. It is strongly recommended that you consult your doctor if the IHB icon appears regularly.

This blood pressure monitor has passed the criteria of the European Society of Hypertension by achieving all requirements. This monitor further meets the AAMI accuracy standard requirements (AAMI/ANSI/ISO 81060-2).

The Rossmax Z1 Blood Pressure Monitor comes with:

  • Batteries
  • Latex-Free Patented Universal Cone Cuff
  • Instruction Manual
  • String bag



The Rossmax Z1 Blood Pressure Monitor is a helpful way to monitor blood pressure at home, with a number of key functions available such as cuff detection, movement detection, hypertension risk indication and irregular heartbeat detection (IHB).



Installing Batteries:
• Press down and lift the battery cover in the direction of the arrow to open the battery compartment
• Install or replace 4 “AAA” sized batteries in the battery compartment according to the indications inside the compartment
• Replace the battery cover by clicking in the bottom hooks first, then push in the top end of the battery cover
• Replace the batteries in pairs
• Remove the batteries when the unit is not in use for extended periods of time
• You need to replace the batteries when the low battery icon appears on display or the ON/OFF/START key is pressed and nothing appears on display

Applying the Cuff:
• Unwrap the arm cuff, leaving the end of the cuff through the D-ring of the cuff
• Put your left arm through the cuff loop – the colour strip indication should be positioned closer to you with the tube pointing in the direction of your arm.
• Turn your left palm upward and place the edge of the arm cuff at approximately 1.5 to 2.5cm above the inner side of the elbow joint
• Tighten the cuff by pulling the end of the cuff
• Centre the tube over the middle of the arm, then press the hook and loop material together securely
• Allow room for 2 fingers to fit between the cuff and your arm
• Position the artery mark over the main artery (on the inside of your arm) – Locate the artery by pressing 2 fingers approximately 2cm above the bend of your elbow on the inside of your left arm, identifying where the pulse can be felt the strongest
• Plug in the cuff connecting tube into the unit
• Lay your arm on a table (palm upward) so the cuff us at the same height as your heart
• Make sure that the tube is not kinked
• The cuff is suitable for your use if the arrow falls within the solid colour line – if the arrow falls outside the solid colour line, you will need a cuff that provides for a different arm circumference

Measurement Procedures:
• Blood pressure changes with every heartbeat and is in constant fluctuation throughout the day
• Blood pressure readings can be affected by the position of the user, his or her physiological condition and other factors
• For greatest accuracy, wait one hour after exercising, bathing, eating, drinking beverages with alcohol or caffeine or smoking to measure blood pressure
• Before taking a measurement, it is recommended that you sit quietly for at least 5 minutes as measurement taken during a relaxed state will have greater accuracy – you should try not to be physically tired or exhausted while taking a measurement
• Do not take measurements if you are under stress or tension
• Sit upright in a chair and take 5 -6 deep breaths
• Avoid leaning back while the measurement is being taken
• Do not cross the legs while sitting and keep the feet flat on the floor during the measurement
• Do not talk or move your arm or hand muscles during the measurement
• Take your blood pressure at normal body temperature – if you are feeling cold or hot, wait a while before taking the measurement
• If the monitor is stored at a very low temperature (near freezing), have it placed at a warm location for at least one hour before using it
• Wait 5 minutes before taking another measurement

Recalling Values from Memory:
• To recall stored blood pressure readings from memory, simply press the memory key – the first reading displayed is an average of the last 3 measurements stored in the memory and the last set of memorized readings will be displayed
• Another press of the memory key will recall the previous set of readings
• All readings stored in the memory will be displayed with its sequence number – every measurement comes with an assigned memory sequence number

Clearing Values from Memory:
• Press and hold the memory key for approximately 5 seconds
• The data in the memory key zone ca be erased automatically