U100 Micro Air Nebulizer


The Omron U100 Micro Air Nebulizer is a small, portable nebuliser that helps to efficiently treat respiratory conditions from a simple cough to asthma. The battery-operated nebulizer is compact, travel-ready and easy to reach for whenever you need it, and…




The Omron U100 Micro Air Nebulizer is a small, portable nebuliser that helps to efficiently treat respiratory conditions from a simple cough to asthma. The battery-operated nebulizer is compact, travel-ready and easy to reach for whenever you need it, and targets lower airways for conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, bronchiolitis and COPD. The unique mesh technology makes it more efficient and more comfortable to use than traditional nebulisers. It is virtually silent, and the unique design enables usage in any position, even while lying down, making it more comfortable for smaller children. You can use it discreetly without disturbing others. This product is guaranteed by OMRON for a period of 3 years after the date of purchase. The nebulization rate is > 0.25 ml/min, and the medication quantities are 1-10 ml. Particle size (MMAD) is 4.5 μm and sound is 20 dB.
In the Omron U100 Micro Air Nebulizer, aerosol is generated by pushing liquid medication through fine holes in the metal alloy mesh. This is realised by a titanium vibrating element, oscillating at high frequency. The device will fit in any handbag or briefcase. Running up to approx. 4 hours on just two AA/LR6 batteries, your medication is always within reach wherever you go, whatever you do. The device enables inhalation at various angles with stable nebulization. The device can be used even while in bed or can be used for a baby/child, laying in the arms of the care-taker. The soundless operation of the device enables discreet use. No loud frightening noises, meaning calm treatment even while using it on a sleeping child.

Size: 38mm x 60mm x 130mm

The Omron U100 Micro Air Nebulizer contains:

  • MicroAir U100 Nebuliser
  • Unit Cover
  • Medication Container
  • Mesh Cap
  • Mask Adapter
  • Mouthpiece
  • Adult Mask (PVC)
  • Child Mask (PVC)
  • Soft Pouch
  • Instruction Manual
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • 2x Batteries (AA/LR6)



The Omron U100 Micro Air Nebulizer is intended to be used for inhaling medication for respiratory disorders. This product is intended for use in a medical facility, such as Hospital, clinic and doctor’s office, in a room or general household. The user should be capable of understanding general operation of the Omron U100 Micro Air Nebulizer and the content of instruction manual.



Inserting & Replacing Batteries:
• Remove the battery cover on bottom side by pushing on the release buttons on both sides
• Insert the batteries according to the battery polarity indicated inside the battery compartment
• Replace battery cover by pushing buttons on both sides of the battery cover.
• The unit can operate with alkaline batteries or with nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries – depending on the capacity and condition of the batteries, the unit can operate up to 4 hours on a set of alkaline batteries
• Remove batteries if the unit is not in use for long periods – failure to do so could result in damage due to battery leakage

Using the AC adapter:
• To connect the AC adapter to the main unit, remove the battery cover and remove the batteries
• Place the main unit on the AC adapter connection stand
• It will click and lock to the stand
• Insert the AC adapter power plug into an outlet
• Never plug or unplug the AC adapter with wet hands
• Do not place the device in a location where it is difficult to disconnect the AC adapter
• To remove the AC adapter from the main unit, disconnect the AC adapter power plug from the outlet, push on both sides of the connection stand to unlock from the main unit and then remove the main unit

Assembling the unit and filling the medication container:
• Insert batteries
• Align the mark on the medication container with the mark on the main unit
• Push down and rotate the medication container clockwise
• Do not assemble the medication container to the main unit when the mesh cap is installed
• Open the medication container by pressing on both sides of the lid
• Fill the medication container – the maximum capacity is 10 ml
• Place the mesh cap – do not touch the mesh
• Push the lid of medication container into place until it clicks
• Install the mask adapter on the main unit
• Install the mask or mouthpiece on the mask adapter
• The device is now ready for use

How to Inhale:
• For type, dose, and regime of medication, follow the instructions of your doctor or pharmacist
• Slightly tilt the unit at a 45 degree angle
• In this position, the vibrating element is immersed in the medication and nebulization will start after power on
• After the vibrating element has been immersed in the medication, the unit can be used under any angle
• In some positions (e.g. upright), nebulization may stop after a short while – in that case, briefly tilt the unit again in order to re-immerse the vibrating element in the medication
• Place the mouthpiece in your mouth or place the mask over mouth and nose
• If you push the ON/OFF button, nebulization starts and if you push the ON/OFF button again, nebulization stops
• The green power indicator lights up during nebulization
• Always be calm and relaxed when you inhale – breathe in slowly and deeply so that the medication can reach deep into the lungs
• Hold your breath briefly, then breathe out slowly while removing the mouthpiece from your mouth
• Do not breathe too quickly and pause when you feel like having a rest
• If high-viscosity medication is used, nebulization may be reduced
• If excessive medication collects on the mesh, nebulization may stop – in that case, turn off the power and remove the mask adapter
• Absorb the medication by means of a lint-free cloth
• Do not poke the mesh with a cotton swap or a pin; the mesh may be permanently damaged
• After inhalation always switch off the nebulizer by pressing the ON/OFF button – the device automatically turns off after 30 minutes

How to Clean the Unit after each Inhalation:
• The following items should be disassembled and cleaned after each use: Medication container, mesh cap, mask adapter, mouthpiece and mask
• Remove the mask adapter from the main unit by pressing both sides of the mask adapter
• Open the medication container and remove the mesh cap – do not touch the mesh
• Discard the medication, then re-install the mesh cap
• Fill the medication container with water and nebulize the water
• To prevent medication from drying and adhering to the mesh after use, nebulize the water for 1 to 2 minutes
• Remove the mesh cap from the medication container, then disassemble the medication container from the main unit by rotating counter-clockwise and pulling-up
• Remove the medication container after discarding the medication
• Wash the mesh cap in mild (neutral) detergent, then rinse off with clean water. Remove excess water and allow to air dry in a clean place. Some types of medications can easily remain on the mesh, therefore pay close attention during washing. Do not wash under running water
• Wash the Medication Container, Mouthpiece, Mask and Mask adapter in water and mild (neutral) detergent. Rinse them thoroughly with clean tap water and allow to air dry in a clean place
• Wash the vibrating element and its surrounding with running water, making sure the battery cover is installed to prevent liquid entering the device.
• Clean the main unit by wiping it off with a (moistened) lint free cloth. Use a dry lint free cloth to wipe the main unit dry – never clean with benzene or thinner