OPRO Generation 3 Silver Gum Shield – Green/Yellow


The OPRO Generation 3 Silver Gum Shield offers complete fit and protection to ages 10+. Manufactured by OPRO, one of the…



The OPRO Generation 3 Silver Gum Shield offers complete fit and protection to ages 10+. Manufactured by OPRO, one of the world’s largest supplier of custom gum shields, there is a durable outer layer for enhanced impact protection, and it is a self-fit mouthguard.

Stretch zones allow the OPRO Generation 3 Silver Gum Shield to stretch in order to fit every mouth. It has unique patented fin technology. The OPRO Generation 3 Silver Gum Shield model has 11 self-forming OPROfins in hi-flow material for superior fit. These fins break down when you bite into them while fitting, and they help grip the teeth.

The OPRO Generation 3 Silver Gum Shield are the first mouthguards in the world to achieve CE TYPE certification to the latest standards. It comes with a gum shield container and a fitting handle. This product is latex free, and not suitable for fixed braces.


This OPRO gum shield provides enhanced protection for the mouth, and reduces injury to the teeth, lips and gums. A gum shield is most often used to prevent serious injury in the case of contact sports. They can be worn for a number of different sports, such as rugby, boxing, hockey and football.

The gum shield will provide maximum protection against front and concussive blows, as the multi-layer construction, posterior buffer pads and OPROfins absorb shock.

Opro gum shields keep the palate clear for improved speech, and breathing.

Integrated posterior buffer pads and OPROfin stabilizers offer unrivalled protection against oro-facial impacts, and protect the temperomandibular joint from traumatic injury.


Insert the removable handle into the holes at the front of the opro shield, making sure the word ‘top’ is facing upwards.

Boil the water – for the best results, the boiling water should be poured into the cup when it is fully boiling, so don’t leave the kettle to stand after it has boiled.

Pour the boiling water into the cup- immediately submerge the opro shield mouth guard for 20 seconds.

Take the opro shield out of the boiling water and quickly rinse it under a tap or put it in a cup of cold water for a single second.

Immediately put it straight into your mouth. Bite tight together , and while holding your teeth tightly together, suck very hard. This forces your tongue into the inside of the opro shield.

Keeping your mouth closed, force your fingers around your lips to mould the outside of the mouthguard aswell. Use a firm, massaging movement, and keep it going until 30 seconds is up.

Remove the handle, and take a drink of cold water to help set the opro shield in its new shape.

Now, take the mouthguard out, and rinse it thoroughly in cold water, either in a cup, or under a running tap.

After fitting, the removable handle should be removed and thrown away. They should NOT be left in place while wearing the opro shield.

Make sure to wash the mouthguard after every use.