Elastic Ankle Support – Extra Large


The Mueller Elastic Ankle Support is a firm, comfortable support for stiff, weak or sore ankles. The lightweight elastic knit…



The Mueller Elastic Ankle Support is a lightweight elastic knit that provides firm support and maintains a full range of movement for ankles. The custom top weave helps prevent rolling, and reinforced trimmed edges that improve durability. There is also a contour design that helps to prevent slippage and bunching.

The extra large size fits men UK shoe size 12.5 – 14.5, and fits women’s UK shoe size 12 – 14.



The Mueller Elastic Ankle Support is recommended for use on stiff, weak or sore ankles. It provides a firm support while maintaining a full range of movement.


Remove the Mueller Elastic Ankle Support from the packaging.

Slip the support onto the foot and adjust as needed for a comfortable fit.

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