BV Elastic Net Bandage – 2.4cm x 25m


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This BV Elastic Net Bandage for dressing retention is made of 70% polyamide and 30% polyurethane. It has excellent dermophilic properties and air circulation.

The BV Elastic Net Bandage is extremely comfortable, and doesn’t limit movements when worn.

It can be applied to different areas of the body, particularly those difficult to reach. It is easy to use, and to check the wound or change the dressing, all you have to do is raise the BV Elastic Net Bandage.

The stretched length of the BV Elastic Net Bandage is 25m, and the unstretched length is 7m. Elasticity lengthwise is over 300%, and elasticity widthwise is approximately 10 times the initial width. This bandage comes in a dispenser shelf box.

This size BV Elastic Net Bandage is used on the upper leg and shoulder.

Size: 2.4 x 25m.


The BV Elastic Net Bandage is used in the fixation of dressings and other medical devices.

It is also used to eliminate the use of clips to secure a dressing.


Upper Leg

Cut a piece of net the width of the knee area, or the area you want to cover on the leg.

Expand the net to its maximum, introducing the hands inside the net.

Apply the net over the dressing, removing one hand and then the other.

Make a small fold, directed inside on both ends of the net.

To check the wound or to change dressings just raise the net.



 Cut a piece of net the width of the shoulder area.

Cut 15cm of the net at about 6cm of one of the ends of the net. This cut should be done on both layers, thus creating a small opening.

Introduce both hands where the net has not been cut. The cut part should be placed on top of the hands.

Stretch the net and apply it on the patient’s arm.

Pass the head and arm through the previously cut opening.