Elastic Bandage – 10cm x 5m


The BV Elastic Bandage is a soft and comfortable bandage that is a support and relief dressing and helps in securing other bandages. It is a light…

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The BV Elastic Bandage is used for support and relief dressings and for securing other bandages. The bandage has consistent elasticity and good skin tolerance. The sterilizable and non-slipping bandage is made of cotton, polyamide and polyurethane.

The construction when stretched is 33 threads / sq.cm, and the stretched Length of the bandage is 5m. and Elongation is >80% and the approximate weight when stretched is 63g / sq.m. The BV Elastic Bandage come individually wrapped in cellophane.

Size: 10cm x 5m.


BV Elastic Crepe Bandage is a comfortable, soft, cotton blend crepe bandage, and can be used on minor sprains, strains and compressions.

It can be used for a variety of different situations, such as holding dressing pads in place over a wound, using the BV Elastic Bandage as a compressive bandage on any limb, holding a ice pack in place, etc.

The BV Elastic Bandage is used to help correct fractures and other bone problems, to support already bandaged varicose veins, and to support surgical gauze bandage dressings.

It can be used for support in a variety of medical health situations, while providing warmth and insulation to the patient. 


The following steps will help you wrap the BV Elastic Bandage around your ankle. You can also wrap the BV Elastic Bandage around your knee, wrist, or elbow.

Hold the bandage so that the start of the roll is facing up.
Start by putting the loose end of the bandage on the top of your foot beneath your toes. Leave your toes out of the bandage.
Hold the loose end of the
BV Elastic Bandage in place with one hand. With the other hand, wrap the bandage in a circle twice around your foot. Always wrap the bandage from outside to inside.
After the top of your foot has been wrapped twice, move your hand to your heel.
Continue to wrap the bandage in a spiral pattern, like a figure 8. Leave your heel uncovered. Overlap the
BV Elastic Bandage by ½ of its width each time you go around.

Cross the bandage over your foot, moving upward, and pass it behind your ankle.

Move the BV Elastic Bandage down and cross it over the top of your foot.
Wrap the bandage under your foot. Repeat this one more time.
Pass the bandage around your calf and wrap it in upward circles toward your knee. Stop wrapping below your knee. You do not need to wrap the bandage down your calf again.

Fasten the end to the rest of the bandage by using the metal clips provided. Do not use metal clips where your skin folds or creases, such as behind your knee.