At Pharmacare, our aim is to provide a wide range of quality brands into retail pharmacy. A list of brands we stock is available on this page, it is possible to browse products from these brands by clicking on the brand logo.


We are delighted to announce that pharmacare are now Ireland’s official new distributor of the Burnshield gel range. Partnering with Levtrade, is further testament to PharmaCare’s commitment to delivering only the highest quality products to our customers.

Burnshield emergency burn care products provide for the immediate primary care of burn injuries. Here at Pharmacare, we stock Burnshield Hydrogel, Sterile Burn Dressings and Burn Blott Sachets.

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PharmaCare is delighted to be the authorized distributor of Mueller Products in Ireland.

Founded in 1961, Mueller has established itself as an industry leader in sports medicine. From the weekend warrior to the college and professional athlete, Mueller Sports Medicine keeps everybody in the game. Mueller products are designed to help athletes prevent injuries, recover from them, defend against new ones and enhance performance.

Mueller has worked with countless athletes to know the demands placed on their bodies. They have pioneered sports medicine, and represent its cutting edge today, with dozens of inventions and industry firsts.

Mueller revolutionized the sports medicine category by being the first company to provide state-of-the-art sports medicine at the retail level. Today, Mueller Sports Medicine is a company dedicated to active people and their bodies.

PharmaCare provides numerous Mueller products, including ice packs, tapes, sprays, and sports supports for many body parts – knee, ankle, back, thigh, wrist, arm, thumb and elbow.

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BSN Medical

Here at PharmaCare, we work with BSN Medical in order to provide our customers with quality products.
Established in 2001, BSN medical is a global medical device company, and one of the world’s leading suppliers in the product segments of casting, bandaging, traditional wound care and compression stockings. Several of their well-known brands, such as Tensoplast, EasiFix, EasiFix Conforming, Elastocrepe and Leukoplast are among the most trusted names in the healthcare profession.

They specialize in the areas of wound care, fracture management, physiotherapy and compression therapy.

PharmaCare stocks a wide range of BSN Medical items such as bandages, tapes, dressings, non-woven swabs and closure strips.

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Here at PharmaCare, we are delighted to partner with Rossmax, a leading brand in the global healthcare market , supplying premium diagnostic products. Rossmax concentrates on three main business fields – Prevention, Monitoring and Therapy. Their product and service portfolio consists of diagnostic products in the field of Fitness, Obesity, Hypertension, Inhalation, Fever and Hot & Pain Therapy. 

Rossmax distribute their products in more than 50 countries, and are clinically validated and approved based on latest quality standards.

The main Rossmax products that PharmaCare provide are Blood Pressure Monitors, Nebulizers, Thermometers and Diagnostic Accessories.

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PharmaCare is delighted to be able to work with Sanitas to provide quality products to our customers.

Sanitas has been a successful brand in the wellness and health market since 2000, and is continuously increasing to meed the demands of its customers.

PharmaCare provides a product range from Sanitas that has a wide range of functions, is attractive with modern technology and has good design.

PharmaCare stocks a wide range of Sanitas items such as Massagers, Digital TENS/EMS Unit, Scales and Heating Pads.

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Here at PharmaCare, we are delighted to partner with Aurelia premium quality gloves.

Aurelia Gloves was founded in 2000, and is the leading Latex and Nitrile examination glove brand. They are the preferred examination glove brand for the Dental, Medical, Laboratory, Life Science and Industrial Safety Industries. They distribute premium quality glove products with an uncompromising emphasis on comfort and safety to healthcare and industrial professionals.

At Pharmacare, we understand the importance of providing a clean and comfortable hand protection environment to both healthcare providers, as well as the patients themselves.

PharmaCare provides a number of different types and sizes of Aurelia Gloves, including ‘Vibrant’ Powder Free Gloves, ‘Vintage’ Powdered Gloves, ’Transform’ Blue Nitrile Gloves and ‘Bold’ Black Nitrile Gloves.

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For many consumers, living aids can be a necessity with many of the products in the Active Living range playing a significant role in enabling people to live more independently, and to have a good quality of life.

The Active Living range has been carefully selected to meet all customer needs, and is designed to appeal to everyone.

All products in the Active Living range undergo rigorous testing at every stage of development and production to ensure that they conform to the appropriate regulatory standards and directives that apply; therefore you can be assured they will perform reliably again and again.

Pharmacare provide many Active Living products such as Adult Beaker Cups, Memory Foam Cushions, Male & Female Urinals and Pill Boxes & Pill Splitters.

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Here at PharmaCare, we stock a wide range of products from Reliance Medical.

Through strong design, innovation and quality assurance, Reliance Medical first aid products & accessories compliment our wound care business.

Here at Pharmacare, we stock various Reliance Medical Products, including first aid kits, sprays, wipes, burns, eye pads, burn dressings and various wound care dressings.

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At Pharmacare, we aim to provide our customers with the best quality products. We source all our mouthguards from OPRO, the largest manufacturer of mouthguards in the world. Their self-fit mouthguards have the best retention performance of any self-fit mouthguard in the world, and provides maximum protection against front and concussive blows, while keeping the palate clear for improved breathing and speech.

OPRO are the mouthguards of choice for many professional and amateur sportsmen and women across the globe, and here at Pharmcare we stock a number of different self-fit mouthguards, including Ortho mouthguards, Junior mouthguards and Platinum mouthguards.

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Bastos Viegas is the main Portuguese producer and supplier of Non-Active Medical Devices. The objective of the company is the production of articles with consistently high quality. Bastos Viegas products can be found in over 90 countries distributed by the 6 continents and cover a very significant part of the need of the national market.

PharmaCare provides Bastos Viegas products such as:

  • Conforming Bandages
  • Elastic Banages
  • Non-Adherent Dressings
  • Sterile and Non- Sterile Swabs
  • Finger Tube Bandages
  • Duckbill Masks

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